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Ai Genetics is a Toronto-based Genetics company that optimizes people’s well being through leading edge science and Artificial Intelligence (Ai) driven insights based on a person’s DNA & RNA. Our reports help our stakeholders, including healthcare providers, research institutions, and individuals make evidence-based decisions to optimize clinical trials, improve health outcomes, and develop ground-breaking capabilities.

Our approach is far more accurate and far more detailed than others. Ai Genetics works with 6.4 billion data points from your own DNA and our Ai assesses against 60 million possible outcomes. Our Ai engine is powerful and completes your assessment in a timely manner, compared to traditional routes through a community lab or geneticist.

No one else has the Ai intelligence platform we have. The Ai engine takes sequenced genetic information, cross references the person’s unique signature against a massive pharma library, global peer reviewed studies, a cell reference library and data from 80,000 subjects to draw insights on epigenetic events which can be triggered by a wide potential range of influences. As more people are sequenced and as the world’s scientific knowledge advances, we will drive the Ai engine to even higher levels. There’s nothing like it.

If you need further proof please see our validation trials and studies.

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Validation Trials and Studies

Ai Genetics understands the importance of science and evidence in building confidence in our offerings. It’s what sets us apart. Several clinical trials and case studies are under development and will be posted soon, to illustrate the power behind our Ai.


With over 100 years of clinical, research, development and testing experience.


We build data for leading Artificial Intelligence providers to provide precise
insights for research and development of innovative products.


We have robust security and privacy measures to ensure data integrity.


We adapt to our customers and build new capabilities to provide an enriching user experience.

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